Geodynamic Frequency Technology (GDF)

In its simplest terms, Geodynamic Frequency Technology (GDF) is the use of a uniquely designed rotating magnetic field to destroy mutating pathogenic viruses, bacteria and parasites in the environment, primarily water. This is accomplished by the generation of a harmonic frequency within which the mutated pathogen cannot survive. The scientific principles of GDF may be found in various branches of research including:

  • The study of Topological Geometrodynamics and the observed effects of rotating magnetic systems as they may relate to gravitation anomalies and negative energy spacetime.
  • The studies of scientists such as Royal Rife and Dr. Reinhold Voll concluding that various compounds have unique resonant frequencies and that, much as a high intensity pitch can shatter a glass, pathogens may be destroyed by altering their resonant frequency.
  • The study of the golden ratio and other recurring geometric patterns in nature.

It is the unique proprietary blending of elements from these areas of scientific study that allows GDF to offer a method of completely eradicating pathogenic microorganisms from our water supply in an absolutely safe manner.

GDF has no harmful side effects and does not affect the original non-mutated forms of organisms in nature.

Preliminary study indicates that GDF may also have applications in breaking down toxic chemicals, in enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients in food as well as the stabilization of ionizing radiation.

Applications for GDF technology would include: municipal, commercial and industrial waste and water treatment; residential water purification; environmental remediation including soils and waterways; biological recovery such as the treatment of bee disease; treatment of contaminants in food and treatment of radioactive nuclear waste.

The GDF harmonic is generated by a device called “the Resonator.” The Resonator is approximately the size of a coffee table and requires no mechanical connection to the water to be treated, It would simply be placed, for example, next to an intake or discharge pipe at a water treatment facility such that the harmonic field, which extends approx. 4 ft. outwards from the device, would come in contact with water to be treated. Contact time would depend on the nature and intensity of the contaminants, and could be increased by simply placing a second or third machine in line with the first.

A patent has been acquired for this technology under the heading “Rotating Magnetic Device Utilizing Sacred Geometry.” It is important to note that the reference to “sacred geometry” contains no religious significance but is rather a technical term of art used to refer to a number of basic geometrical patterns used by humanity over the millennia. It is also worth pointing out that the magnetic field or EMF is not the effective element of the GDF technology, but merely one component used in the generation of the harmonic frequency.