About RSI

Resonance Science (RSI) is a wholly owned Canadian company located in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario. It is dedicated to creating solutions for the increasing threat to our environment and to our health caused by emerging pathogens and toxic elements in our water and food supply.

The threat being addressed by Resonance Science may be identified by three interrelated factors:

  • the rising incidence of microbial pollution in our sources of drinking water
  • the growing recognition of the causal relationship between evolving pathogenic organisms and chronic disease
  • the emergence of new technologies to identify previously undetected pathogens in our water supply

RSI was founded by Kim Shallcross, a researcher in biological medicine and environmental healing modalities. Thirty years of research and clinical study by Kim Shallcross has recently been confirmed by the World Health Organization: that “the spectrum of (water–related) disease is expanding and the incidence of many water-related microbial diseases is increasing.” Many of these organisms are not detected or eliminated with commonly established methods of monitoring and treatment. Some elements have regulated “safe” levels of contamination.

It is the work of RSI to build on the research of Kim Shallcross and develop a safe, harmless method for completely eliminating these emerging pathogens and bacteria from our environment. The result of this research is the development of a revolutionary technology – Geodynamic Frequency Technology.